Our main business is accepting commissions from clients to make and install new custom made stained glass panels. We are unique in providing a full service package which includes the initial client brief; producing 3-4 design options; making the panel ; and installing it.

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We are often asked to repair panels which have been damaged or broken. In some cases , if the damage is minimal, it is possible to do the repair 'in situ' without having to remove the panel from the building. This is a low-cost method of repairs which, although not ideal from a quality perspective, may be suitable for many clients. If the damage is too severe, panels have to be removed and fixed in our studio. However, we always temporarily replace the panel with opaque glass for both security and aesthetic reasons. We refuse to leave customers with a wooden panel which although effective is very unsightly

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As both a trained teacher and a skilled stained glass artist, Ian has run classes to teach both beginners and advanced students, the skills involved in making traditional stained glass panels using lead came; foil work; mosaic work and applique. Much of this work was done at Mid Cheshire College but Ian now runs classes on a regular basis. If this is an area in which you might be interested, please complete the enquiry form and check the page on classes for the latest information and dates

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Elaine and I are passionate about stained glass and as well as designing and making panels, we are constantly keeping up to date with what is happening in the Glass World. Within the hobby population, there are regular updates and offers on materials and tools. Manufacturers are also keen to inform potential customers about new products and innovations. Suppliers are also motivated to keep everyone informed of the latest developments.  Finally, the person who just loves stained glass is also keen to discover just where the best panels are situated and how and where they can they see them.

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